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Serving the River Thames...
Thames Rescue is an entirely voluntary organisation helping to make public river events safe and give confidence to event participants that there is someone nearby if they get into difficulty.

Predominantly the service has been built up over decades of working with rowing clubs as eyes to watch for accidents and mishaps and come in promptly and recover the competitors and their equipment.  We now service a very great diversity of types of water based activities:  canoe, riverside walks, swims, dragon boats, fetes, concerts, island parties, weekend patrols....

Additional to helping at scheduled events we also fit in with local authority emergency evacuation plans since our boats are ideal for entering shallow water and are inherently stable.  We have in the last 10 years been a standby for Reading and Henley during flooding; positioning boats around the towns in low lying areas.  We have also been asked to help in emergencies to search with the police and Environment Agency for missing persons.

We have trained with search and rescue teams so we can provide an additional tool when it comes to activities around water.

Reading Regatta
  • TRS in action..

    Typical public event -here at Oxford

  • Reading

    We have provided the rescue boat here for over 30 years.

TRS on the Thames..
Winter day out at Henley

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