Currently TRS have six 13ft boats at Reading and one at Henley which are used mainly for attending
community events and providing some of what the St John’s provide on the land on the water.  River based public events are obliged to have at least one safety boat to pull out people that do not wish to be in the river.  From our services we get donations to pay for our fuel and maintenance.

Each of our boats has a qualified driver who has been using the boat for a while.  Everyone is an unpaid volunteer.  All our boats are stored on road trailers and can be taken to anywhere on the Thames.  We have been up as far as the source at Lechlade and down as far as Greenwich.  The kind of public events that we have attended include: sponsored rows, canoeing, dragon boat racing, swimming, duck derbies, riverside sponsored walks and runs, public shows and fetes.  On a record year we had 26 outings.  

When it seems appropriate, we also have days out when we make it possible to allow new recruits a chance to drive and take control of the boat whilst under supervision.

We are able to drive the boats to event in other towns and locations up and down the Thames.  We have operated from near the source of the Thames at Lechlade down to the tidal section near Greenwich. For the Great River Race one year we mustered 6 boats which did the 25 miles from Ham to Greenwich and back in one day.

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